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A DVD of the slide presentation / movie that was put together for the 30th Anniversary Celebration on September 8th is now available.  Anyone wishing a copy of this DVD, please send us an e-mail
and for a nominal fee to cover the cost, 
we will send you a copy.

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We Followed the Evidence! during the Easter Chancel Drama: Apostle Thomas and the Resurrected Lord Jesus
 10 AM, Sunday, April 12, 2015.
Who was Thomas?
   Risk taker   -- Inquirer  -- Doubter   -- 
Eyewitness  --  Believer  --  Martyr
We realized:
What Thomas experienced touches you and me!

The First Valentine -- great movie, fun time
together with residents --
was a joint event with The Heritage,
3630 Brown Rd. 
West Kelowna, BC
2 p.m., Friday, February 13.

Caroling at West Kelowna Seniors' Residences
in December, 2014

"Joy to the World, the Savior comes!"
Redeemer Lutheran members and friends sang as a choir at five different Seniors Facilities in the month of December.  We had joy to sing the Good News of our Lord's birth, the message of God's love for us in His dear Son, Jesus, our reason for greatest celebration at Christmas.

Redeemer Choir sings at Westwood, West Kelowna,  December 2014
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